You are hereCBS Study Group Inaugural Event 3/27/13 at Franklin Park Conservatory

CBS Study Group Inaugural Event 3/27/13 at Franklin Park Conservatory

Please remember that the Columbus Bonsai Study Group - inaugural meeting is Wednesday March 27, 6:30-9:00 PM @ Franklin Park Conservatory

Goal: By sharing bonsai knowledge collectively, each of us will end up with better bonsai.

Objective: Through a social setting, provide members the opportunity to work on one of their bonsai trees, improve its bonsai artistic quality.  

How? By discussing such issues as; the best front, planting angle, branch movement, developing ramification, what its timely to do with the tree you bring, etc. etc. 

What will you need to bring?  A tree, questions, the interest to learn and willingness to share your bonsai knowledge.  If you wish to implement changes to your tree, tools and wire.  Initially we do not plan any repotting during the Study Group time, but if you're thinking of repotting, you may wish to bring the pot you are planning to use to facilitate discussion on position, placement, etc. related to considerations that arise when repotting.

If you can't be there at 6:30, its OK to join us in progress, just remember we need to be out of FPC by 9 PM.


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