CBS Study Group Inaugural Event 3/27/13 at Franklin Park Conservatory

Please remember that the Columbus Bonsai Study Group - inaugural meeting is Wednesday March 27, 6:30-9:00 PM @ Franklin Park Conservatory

Mon, 03/18/2013

April 27 - Dawes Arboretum Arbor Day Festival

The Columbus Bonsai Society will have a booth at the Dawes Arboretum Arbor Day Festival on April 27, 10 AM - 4PM.  We will be conducting continuous demonstrations on bonsai and we plan to be offering beginner bonsai plants for $15.

Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

April 27 - Beginner's Class at Oakland Nursery

Beginner's Class at Oakland Nursery (Oakland Park Ave. location)


Curious about Bonsai? 

Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

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Mon, 02/04/2013


I was at Strader’s Nursery on Rte. 33 and Bethel, in November and discovered their herbs stored away in the large greenhouse.  I started looking at the Rosemary because they were blooming, then I noticed some lavender with bloom heads pushing.  I guess they were responding to the warmth of the unheated greenhouse as the Rosemary in my collection had in my unheated greenhouse.  I found both a Rosemary and a Lavender that had interesting “trunks” and since they were on $2.99 each, I bought them both.

Larch, Larix 2

The last article about larch on our website is dated April 2006 and was from a 1996 article created by Pine Garden Bonsai.  I thought it was past time to put an Ohio spin on this tree care fact sheet.  Larch is such an interesting conifer.  They are deciduous like Redwood and bald cypress that lose their foliage in the winter.  The Japanese love larch, the English love larch and Americans love larch.  Each native species is a separate species.  Each has slightly different “needle” size.  The needles are soft to the touch.  The cones,

Not All Maples Require the Same Leaf Management

I know that this article should wait until the spring when you can immediately put this information into practice but I’ve been watching video clips called the Bonsai Art of Japan with Owen Reich, Dmos by Ryan Neil and Bjorn Bjornholm.   From these I learned that it is important to trim your maples to allow light in to the trunk of the tree to encourage buds that will add to the ramification of your maples.  At our show in July 2012, Ken Huth mentioned that he removes the larger leaves on maples so that the tree develops more small ones.  When Linda and I were in J

Is That its Variety, Cultivar or Species?

After 20 years and some college classes more years ago than I really want to admit to, I’ve learned a number of the scientific names of the genus and species of the more commonly used bonsai plants.  However, when I’m writing an article I always have to stop and think, “Is that a variety name or a cultivar?”  Genus are usually big groups with similar foliage like “Juniperus” or “Acer” (junipers and maples).  But what is the variety?  I read that Juniperus Procumbens is closely related to J.

Dormancy – What Happens to Your Bonsai in Winter?

We know that the deciduous trees in our yards and yes our bonsai that are deciduous, drop their leaves after sufficient shortening of the days and cooler temperatures arrive.  Even my semi-hardy trees may drop their leaves before I finally relegate them to artificial lighting in my basement.  In preparation, trees store sugars  produced through photosynthesis, so that when spring arrives they have the strength to open their buds to grow new leaves to begin photosynthesis again.  Dormancy is a self -preservation defense mechanism that protects th