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Bonsai on a Dime

Come and learn how to produce beautiful Bonsai Plants without breaking the bank. Our experts show you where and how to save dollars $$.
August 20, 2017 CBS Meeting, 2 pm Franklin Park Conservatory
Presentation: Bonsai on a Dime – by Rebecca ‘Mouse’ O’Linn
Ever wanted to learn the art of Bonsai but thought it would be too expensive and have strict rules? Here is your chance to enter the wonder that is Bonsai. This presentation will show you how to utilize everyday objects to cut costs and boost your artistic bonsai talent! Resources can be found in thrift stores, hardware stores & backyards. Learn about sources that provide ideas, materials, and additional information for you to take home.

Incorporating the fundamental core of bonsai with new design concepts, provides ideas for those new to the art of bonsai as well as for the experienced enthusiast.

• how to bore holes to adapt found objects and non-traditional containers into stylish and fully functional bonsai worthy vessels.
• helpful hints on substituting lower cost materials
• list of online and brick/mortar resources
• materials provided at cost

Presentation: MABA Convention & Show by Robert Hoffman

The Mid – America Bonsai Association Show Report and Slide Show will be presented.

Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 2:00pm - 4:30pm