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Pay your CBS 2019 Dues as a Debit from your bank account using Zelle.

Download the Zelle App to your phone.
(You will select your bank and your Email for Notifications.)
- OR -
On your Bank’s website, navigate to ‘Make Payments with Zelle’.
1. Select the Payee: columbusbonsai@gmail.com
2. Select the amount to pay: Individual Dues - $25, Family Dues - $35
3. Confirm your Account to Debit. (If your Bank does not participate in Zelle, you will be prompted to key-in your Debit Card Number.)
4. Fill in the ‘what’s this for’ field’ – Example “CBS 2019 Dues Ind – J. Doe”
5. Select Send
6. A Confirmation Email or Text will be sent to the Email or Phone Number you selected for notifications.
7. New Members – Send your Email address, Phone & if ‘Family’ Membership, the names of the other Family Members in an Email to columbusbonsai@gmail.com.
8. Renewals – if there are changes to your Email address, Phone or other information, send an Email to columbusbonsai@gmail.com.
Columbus Bonsai Society