The outline for the weekend is included below. As we get more information, I will continue to update this page. Mark your calendars and see you there!

    I. Event Overview

                This year the Columbus Bonsai Society will be hosting our 52nd Annual Bonsai Show and we are once again making a big bash of it! While we have been spreading the news all around Ohio and beyond, we have also been at work behind the scenes to make this event special. For starters, we are at a new venue at the Ohio State University Chadiwck Arboretum. This collaboration allows us to be closer to Columbus proper which will make it easier for people to get to the event and it is a highly transit-accessible location as well unlike in years past. We also are proud to host many talented vendors and workshop instructors (more than ever before)! These vendors and instructors include Rob Hoffman, Ken Huth, Mark Passerello, Dan White, Ryan Huston, Jason Parrish, Kyle Boldy, Kevin Faris, Trey Gilmore, Andrew Shih, Zack Felker, Carol Kinney, and Melissa, Sara, and Ellen from Green Witch Gardens. Visitors can also observe workshops silently at no charge. Please see all details below to register a tree to show, volunteer, donate to the raffle, join a workshop and to learn more.

    II. Where & When!

                We hope to see you and your family at the Chadwick Arboretum (2120 Fyffe Rd, Columbus, OH 43210) on July 20-21st, 2024. The Chadwick Arboretum is a wonderful escape within OSU campus near both the Schottenstein Center arena and the famous Horeshoe Stadium. They have a variety of settings for visitors to enjoy including a Ohio native species garden and regular educational programs. Our CBS show will be located at the Agriculture Administration Building in the Auditorium (room 43). All parts of our show will be held in that single room, but we also encourage you to stroll through the surrounding grounds of Chadwick Arboretum. Parking is available on site for a fee but admission to our show and the arboretum are otherwise free.

    Event Schedule

    Open to the Public (Exhibit, Vendors, Workshop Spectators, Raffles, and more!):

    • Saturday, 7/20/24, 10am-5pm
    • Sunday, 7/21/2024, 9am-5pm


    • SAT 7/20/2024
      • 10am-12pm Jason Parrish / Kawa No Oka Bonsai - Twisted Scots pines
      • 12pm-3pm Kyle Boldy / Pot Punching Potters - Mature Shimpaku junipers
      • 3pm-5pm Trey Gilmore / Kota Bonsai - Hawaiian Umbrella Tree Forests
    • SUN 7/21/2024
      • 9-11am Rob Hoffman / Yume-en Bonsai - Japanese Black Pines 
      • 11am-1pm Ryan Huston / In Vivo Bonsai - Ficus Rock Slab Plantings
      • 1-3pm Ken Huth / Ken's World of Bonsai - Shohin Kingsville boxwoods
      • 3-5pm Kevin Faris - Beginner Juniper Styling

    Raffle Drawings:

    • 1 PM and 4PM each day.

    Chadwick Arboretum Tours Led by Dr. Laura Deeter

    • SAT 7/20/2024
      • 10am-12pm Jason Parrish / Kawa No Oka Bonsai - Twisted Scots pines
    • SUN 7/21/2024
      • 9-11am Rob 

    Setup, Tree Drop off, Tree pick up:

    • Friday, 7/19/2024, 12-6pm.
      • (Please drop off all trees on Friday if possible. Tree carpooling with members in your area may be possible. If you must drop off on Saturday morning, you MUST be in contact with the tree curator so he knows what to set aside space for during Friday setup.)
    • Saturday, 7/19/2024, 8-10am.
    • Sunday, 5-7pm.

    III. Vendors & Guest Artists in Attendance

    IV. Workshop Schedule & Details

        Current as of 7.13.24
        Sign-up at! - Sign-ups ARE LIVE! See the link for each workshop sign up in the schedule below.

    Workshop registration & check-in info:

    After reviewing the summary and schedule of workshops below, you can reserve your spots at the CBS web store here. Please reserve your workshop spots by Wednesday, 7/17/2024 as this will ensure you get the spots you want! We will be letting the vendors know how many people are registered for their workshop in advance so they can plan for the supplies they will bring as we know their space is limited. Also, If you register for a workshop after Wednesday 7/17/24, your name may not make it onto the list of registered participants for check-in and you will have to bring a receipt or have one accessible in your email/phone on the day of the event for verification. If the vendor runs out of supplies, we will refund late check-ins but let's avoid that issue if possible. On the day of the event, remaining workshop spots may still be purchased online through the CBS online store or via cash/check on the day of the event, with a receipt at the workshop check-in station. Late availability is not guaranteed. Contact our treasurer/workshop coordinator with any questions – Ryan / invivobonsai @ Lastly, CBS Members receive a discount compared to non-members. You can join CBS here. Membership will be verified at workshop check-in.

    Workshop Schedule and Info:

    1. Saturday 7/20/24
      1. 10:00 AM -12:00 PM - Twisted Scott's Pine Workshop with Jason Parrish / Kawa No Oka Bonsai [Outdoor; all levels]
        1. Members: $55/person, non-members: $60/person; limit 10 participants. Each participant should bring wire (1mm-5mm; will be available for sale), basic tools.
        2. Join our Twisted Scott’s Pine Bonsai Workshop designed for intermediate learners. In this hands-on session, you'll learn advanced techniques for wiring, pruning, and shaping a Scott’s Pine bonsai into a twisted form. You will be guided through the process, which will help you enhance your skills and create a unique bonsai.
      2. 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM - Mature Shimpaku Juniper Styling Workshop with Kyle Boldy / Pot Punching Potters [Outdoor; Intermediate-Advanced]
        1. Small: $83/person, medium: $165/person, large: #248/person; limit 10 participants. Each participant should bring tools and wire.
        2. Raw Shimpaku cleaning and setting a design. Will not have a finished piece by the end. 2-4 hours. 3 sizes are available to choose from. The small trees are 3-5 years old with a trunk around .2-.5 inches. They are mostly for mame or shohin styling. They are very beginner plants that need to be wire and cleaned. The medium trees are 5 -7 trees they are roughly .75 inch to 1.5 inches thick. They have good branching and need to be cleaned and wire. Lastly, the large ones are 8-10 years roughly 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch trunks with lots of branches and will make a nice medium size bonsai.

          1. One of Kyle's Large shimpaku examples.

            One of Kyle's Large shimpaku examples.

            One of Kyle's Large shimpaku examples.
      1. 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM - Beginner Mini-Indoor Umbrella Tree Forest Workshop with Trey Gilmore / Kota Bonsai [Indoor; beginner]
        1. Members: $60, non-members: $66; limit 10 participants. Participants should bring tools and wire if you have them but not necessary.
        2. Join Trey for a beginner focused mini-forest planting of an easy indoor species — dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella tree. You will take home one of your own in a local potter’s custom made ceramic forest pot. All construction of the forest, knowledge about the species, and aftercare will be included in this workshop!
        3. This is what your Hawaiian Umbrella Tree forest could look like post-workshop! The pot may differ or be a bit smaller, we are not sure yet. It will probably be at least a 3 tree forest. The pots for this workshop will be provided by Ancient Art Bonsai.

    1. Sunday 7/21/24
      1. 09:00 AM -11:00 AM - Japanese Black Pine Workshop with Rob Hoffman / Yume-en Bonsai [outdoor; all levels]
        1. Members: $83/person, non-members: $90/person; limit 10 participants. Participants should bring tools and wire.
        2. Learn how to take care of and style Japanese Black Pines.
      2. 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM - Ficus Slab Rock Planting Basics Workshop with Ryan Huston / In Vivo Bonsai [indoor; all levels]
        1. Members: $61/person, non-members: $66/person; limit 10 participants. Participants should bring tools and wire if they have them but not necessary. Be ready to get dirty!
        2. Learn how to make slab rock plantings, the theory behind rock and tree species selection, the materials needed, and the artistic impact of rugged slab rock plantings. After this workshop you will take home not only the knowledge to make your own rock bonsai plantings in the future but also a ficus prebonsai that you yourself will have conducted initial styling on and planted on a rock slab. All materials are included. This is an advanced and uncommon technique in bonsai but anyone can learn it! No experience or tools necessary to participate but bring your bonsai tools if you have them. Tree, rock, moss, muck, and loaner tools and recycled bonsai wires will be provided.
        3. Small flat rock assortment for the workshop.

        4. Small flat rock assortment for the workshop.

          Ficus material for the workshop. Some have more flexible trunks whereas others are a bit older. You will be taught how to bend the trunk if you wish.

          Sample rock planting (privet).

          Sample rock planting (barberry).

          Sample rock planting (barberry).

        5. 01:00 PM - 3:00 PM - 15yr+ Morris Midget Boxwood Workshop with Ken Huth / Ken's World of Bonsai [outdoor; all levels]
          1. Members: $50/person, non-members: $54/person; limit 10 participants. Participants should bring tools and wire.
          2. Learn to style this naturally dwarf, outdoor hardy boxwood variety into a small beautiful bonsai.

        6. 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Juniper Bonsai Beginner Styling Workshop with Kevin Faris [outdoor; beginner].
          1. Members: $50/person, non-members: $55/person; limit 10 participants. Participants should bring tools and wire if they have them but not necessary.
          2. Are you eager to dive into the world of bonsai but uncertain about where to begin? Join our workshop focused on beginner bonsai techniques, featuring 4 to 5-year-old pre-bonsai juniper trees. Explore the art of styling and learn essential horticultural insights specific to Juniper bonsai. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, discover the dos and don'ts of plant selection, branch management, and styling. I provide plants, tools, and wire—just bring your enthusiasm! Got your own tools or bonsai wire? Feel free to bring them along. Bring your own bonsai trees too, and let's discuss them together as a class.
          3. Kevin with one of his example junipers post-styling.

      V. Raffle Details

                  Raffle tickets will be available for purchase throughout the weekend for a variety of
      items including pots, trees, and tools. The various raffle items were generously donated by CBS members, vendors, and local businesses. The CBS Fundraiser Raffle is sponsored by the following local businesses:

      Vendor sponsors
                  Raffle drawings will take place at the CBS booth at 1 PM and 4:00 PM each day. The exact item list and schedule for drawings will be available at the raffle table at the show. We would prefer items be picked up on the same day or before the end of the show, but if necessary, winners may be able to pick up items at a future CBS meeting. Our raffle manager (Bill Holterman) will contact the winners to arrange pickup. Lastly, Contact Bill Holterman (holtermanwilliam @ if you would like to join the sponsor/donor list!

      VI. How to Exhibit Trees

                  Exhibiting your bonsai is a great exercise as it encourages you to think differently especially surrounding long-term preparations, display ideas, and short-term actions you can take to maximize your aesthetic goals. All CBS members are eligible to enter a tree into our show. If you are a paid-up member for 2024, please search in your inbox for the information from our tree curator regarding how to submit. You can also contact him directly at Bryansix52oh
      • Tree drop-off to the visitor center will be 12pm-6pm Friday and 8am-10am (preferably on the earlier side!) Saturday.
      • Tree pick-up will be 5pm-6:30pm Sunday.

      VII. Why and How to Volunteer?

                  Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved in the local bonsai scene and to get to know the knowledgeable local artists who can help you on your bonsai journey. We need help with the raffle table, educational tree docents/security, and vendor/workshop assistants. Thanks to everyone who helps make the show happen! To get your name added on the volunteer list, sign up for your preferred shift here or contact Josh, our new volunteer coordinator Tinyoja

      • Volunteers will be needed for set up, Friday 12pm-6pm and Saturday 8am-10am.
      • Volunteers will be needed throughout the show 10am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday.
      • Lastly, volunteers are needed for tear-down on Sunday, 5pm-7pm.

      VIII. Bonsai Time Podcast Interviews with CBS Show Guest Artists

                  Kevin and Ryan have had the opportunity to interview a few of the upcoming 52nd CBS Show guest artists and we hope to add more each year! You can hear their stories below ahead of the show and find other recent episodes of the "Bonsai Time Podcast" on your preferred podcast app.